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Wildly Creative Marketing

  • We create Drone Light Shows
  • We create custom drones for events
  • We create drone races for corporate functions.
  • We create custom drones that deliver drinks, and more
  • We use high end 6k Drones to deliver the best video ever
  • We do LIVE events and trade shows and more
  • We know drones and will guide you every step of the way

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We are based in Los Angeles, California |  Pacific Time Zone 

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Our Drone Services

Drone Light Shows | Drone Races | Video Production | Events

Drone Light Shows, Drones for events, Drone Race events

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What can we do for you?

  • We have created complete turn key drone events for large trade shows and private clients
  • We have provided drone racers and pilots to video and film sets for commercial and promotional purposes


  • We can create fun corporate events using drones for drone racing, this is a safe and exciting way for your teambuilding events

  • Our video production capabilities can serve your video needs & live production requirements.
Event creation | Concepts | Logistics
Drone Light Shows | Drone Racing Events
Custom built drones for your events
Video production & Live production

A collection of our recent client work for 2018

Interior Drone Light Show

Our client asked us to devlop an interior drone light show for their theme park featuring custom lighting and very tight percison with dancers.

Space Nation promotional video

Space Nation asked for our production ability in creating a promotional video for them, featuring drone races and colorful smoke grenades.

Parachute Drone Delivery

Our client asked us to create a drone that would delivery ice cold cans of an energy drink from a flying drone to their crowds of people at an event they were sponsoring.

Celebrity Drone Race

We held the world's first ever Celebrity Drone Race in Las Vegas to promote an all new easy to fly drone called the Falcore.

Spinning orb drones

Our client wanted a set of special spinning colored drones for their annual summer season fianle, these drones create a mass amount of color and excitment to the crowds of people who enjoyed them

LA Convention Center

We created an drone racing event held in the Los Angeles Convention center for the first time ever. The event attracted top pilots from around the nation for the first ever race in downtown LA.

Clients we serve

We have worked with the top brands and supporting brands in drone racing.

We are experts in marketing, events, drones, & video production.
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Some Questions to get us started on your project

  • Date of your show(s) or event
  • Location of the show?
  • Custom formations? ( your logos, words, custom images for your show ? )
  • Length of time for your show ? ( we recommend 8-12 mins, but can make any length
  • Is your show Inside or outside?
  • How big of an audience for the show
  • Would you like us to also video record your show - we can do it on the ground or from a drone

Check out the samples below and contact us with your answers so we can create your drone event the way you want it.

We realize it may be your first drone event and we are sensitive to this fact and will carefully explain each part and work with you on storyboards that allow you creative control and result in the best possible show and event for you and your clients.

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