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An interior drone show allows you control over the weather, allows you to have a show on a stage, or at a trade show, and is unlike anything your audiance has ever seen before, lets talk about having your own show.

Drone light shows are fantastic, and in order to add an ever changing amount of energy, we use live dancers or musical acts to ignite the senses and create a large amout of visuals that are fresh and engaging.

Interior drone light show with video screen

Interior drone light show with multiple dancers

Interior shows can be enhanced with large video screens and pannels that can create an enviorment or display relavant text and or logos and event intergrate with social media for your event or production

Using dancers and performers with drones can bring up safety and insurance concerns, one soultion is using attractive screens and cages to enhance not only the safety but to also add attractive one stage effects

Sample outdoor drone show 20 drone count

Karen Heath

Event Marketing

"Our client requested that we provide the "WOW" factor for the opening of our product launch, and "WOW" is right! The Drone Light show was a fresh, progressive and fun opener that grabbed everyone's attention!"

Bill Farmer

Las Vegas Convention Director

"We were nervous to do a drone light show as tribute to our sponsors, however the team at Wildly Creative Marketing really took their time to create a sense of ease and excitement, and in the end we had fun, and the drone light show is something we will have every year now.

Inside or outside we create dazzling drone light shows that are both cost effective and fresh for your audience.

We work with trade shows, private events, museums, product launches, real estate developments, movie premieres, and more,

We are proud to present up to 200 drones in the air creating a show that is fun, entertaining, and unlike anything in entertainment today.

Shows are available in 25, 50, 100, and 200 autonomous drone creations.

Stock and custom shows are available for each option. How can we help take your imagination to new heights?

Check out the samples below and contact us with questions.

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