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We create custom purpose built drones for events

Major trade shows | Corporations | Theme Parks | Local Goverments

Our client ( a theme park ) asked us to create an interior drone light show to be used as part of a larger show production that plays 5 times per day.

Internal from WCM on Vimeo.

Our client challanged us to build a internactive drone that lights up and talks for a buinsess confrence in Aspen Colorodo. The result is this massive drone that is able to light up and speak with bright LED lights and a computer genrated voice module that delighted and casued a memorable experiance for everyone who attended this high level buinsess meeting.

Parachute Delievery Drone

Our client asked us to create a drone that would delivery ice cold cans of an energy drink from a flying drone to their crowds of people at an event they were sponsoring.

keynote2 from WCM on Vimeo.

Our client asked for a drone that could be capable of delivering a cocktail at an upscale event they were hosting. The result from our engineering team was nothing short of elegant, and simple. what can we do for your next event, lets add some drones to it

Our clients are a fun group of people to do work with, and we love fulfilling on their requests for drones at their events.

This year we have asked to create drones that perform a variety of tasks for pur clients corporate, public facing,  and private events.

We have been asked to drop energy drinks from drones to a crowd at a racing event, we have been asked to create a drone that is a huge projector in the sky, and we have been asked for our drones to deliver drinks to our clients guests as well.

Our team takes it all in stride and creates custom purpose built drones for a vqriety of demanding client requests, what can we do for your event?

Drones created for public events
Drones that can deliver drinks, or packages
Drones that create logos in the sky

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Some Questions to get us started on your project

  • Date of your show(s) or event
  • Location of the show?
  • Custom formations? ( your logos, words, custom images for your show ? )
  • Length of time for your show ? ( we recommend 8-12 mins, but can make any length
  • Is your show Inside or outside?
  • How big of an audience for the show
  • Would you like us to also video record your show - we can do it on the ground or from a drone

Check out the samples below and contact us with your answers so we can create your drone event the way you want it.

We realize it may be your first drone event and we are sensitive to this fact and will carefully explain each part and work with you on storyboards that allow you creative control and result in the best possible show and event for you and your clients.

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