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We can guide you to, planning, implementing, and measuring your social media goals in a personalized social strategy that is designed for your specific type of business or event.

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Is your competition doing an stellar job with community building, videos, blogs, crazy link bait? Has there been an event or serious of attacks against your reputation online? We can assist.

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There is alot being said about who is doing what in social media, but how does that relate to you, and your business? We take a deep dive look into what makes sense for your particular situation.

What we do in Social Media

  • We look at your goals for your company or event or promotion and create a social media strategy to deliver serious returns for your investment.

  • For a company we can set up, run, and guide you to creating effective social media that delivers on your goals

  • For an event we use our network of influencers and our creative ideas to promote and amplify your event to your target market.

  • We have a tremendous amount of experience at turning social media campaigns into high traffic conversions for our clients.
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Common Social Media Campagin Questions

Here are the top questions and answers we get when working with our clients on a social media campaign.

Do I Have to Be on Every Social Network?

Answer: No.

Here’s why: As tempting as it is to increase your visibility by jumping on every social network, a lot of times it’s too much to take on. Instead of creating accounts just for the sake having a profile, get strategic with the networks you choose.

An easy way to figure out which social networks to be on is by simply asking where’s my audience’s attention? If they’re not on Pinterest, there’s no need to spend a bunch of time and energy there.

Another good test for which networks to choose is by asking yourself what value you can bring to the network. If you can’t create content that people on the network want to see, put your efforts elsewhere.

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How Often Should I Post?

Answer: It depends.

Here’s why: Your posting frequency depends on your resources and audience. Your goal is to get quality content that your audience will love in front of as many eyes as possible. Never sacrifice quality for quantity.

It’s better to put nothing out there than to publish content that’s subpar. If that means you can only post on Facebook three times per week—but they are three really good posts that get a lot of engagement—that’s perfectly acceptable. Just find a consistent schedule that you can maintain.

If you’re struggling to publish on a consistent basis, you can always repurpose content. For instance, if you made a YouTube video, take 30-second segments of it and post them on Instagram. Old blog posts can be Retweeted with new phrasing and imagery.

In fact, you can set a strategy in which every blog post gets shared across every network on day one, a repeat on Twitter on day three, a repeat on Facebook on day eight and so on.

If you share the same content across networks, each post should be phrased differently. For example, LinkedIn doesn’t use hashtags, so you wouldn’t want to copy and paste something from Twitter. An infographic might perform better on Pinterest than on Facebook.

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Do My Social Media Handles Have to Be Consistent?

Answer: Yes.

Here’s why: Not only will it be easier for you to promote your brand, if they’re consistent, but it will also be easier for fans to find and tag you. When usernames are different across every network, it can get confusing. If you Tweet an Instagram image but you have two different usernames, it complicates things. Inevitably, someone will tag your Twitter name on Instagram or your Instagram name on Twitter and you’ll miss opportunities for engagement.

Today it’s not only domain names that matter; usernames are just as, if not more, valuable in terms of digital real estate. Sites like Knowem tell you whether or not your desired username is available across multiple networks.

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What’s the Best Time to Post?

Answer: It depends.

Here’s why: We actually have an entire post on the best times to post to social media. The reality is there is no single best time to post. It all depends on the network you’re using and when your audience is most active.

It’s going to take a little trial and error to get your timing down. A good idea is to use Sprout to schedule your content to be shared at different times and days of the week

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What Type of Content Should I Share?

Answer: The type of content your audience wants to see.

Here’s why: It all comes down to knowing your ideal customer. If you have a solid understanding of their lifestyle, desires and pain points, it will become much easier to create or find relevant content they’re likely to enjoy and share.

Beyond that, start following influencers in your industry who create outstanding content and share their stuff. Or you can use it to inspire you to write a few blog posts or conversation starters that riff off the topic or expand upon it. You can also search relevant hashtags or check out what’s trending on Twitter and Instagram to understand what people are talking about right now, then join in on those conversations.

Idea generation is the hardest part, so let your audience do it for you. Talk to your followers or ideal customers and ask them what they would like to see. You can also ask your employees to contribute one blog post per month. When you divvy up the work, it becomes less stressful and more thoughtful.

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How Do I Get More Followers?

Answer: By giving people a reason to follow you.

Here’s why: Regardless of which network you’re talking about, it’s the quality not quantity of followers that matters. You need followers who will actually engage with your content, not just add to your follower count.

Since people are bombarded with content from all over the place, you have to give them a compelling enough reason to follow you. You’re not just asking people to follow you. You’re asking for their attention which is a limited resource. Why should they give their attention to you instead of someone else?

There are plenty of ways to earn their attention. For instance, Taco Bell gets people to follow them on Snapchat by sharing exclusive content that fans can’t see anywhere else.

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Starter Plan

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  • Social Media calendar creation
  • Automated posts
  • SEO and online publicity

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  • Social Content Creation
  • Social Media Post (5 days/week)
  • 4 Social Platforms
  • Dedicated Social Media Manager

Full Control

$2100 /MO

  • 24/hr Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Social Media Advertising

Each plan includes what the previous plan offered

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